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Expert: It's Smart To Rid Your Workspace Of Clutter

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - You may not realize it, but the way you personalize your workspace could be sending unintended messages.

"I personally have a lava lamp on my desk," says Chris Miller.

You would most likely want to welcome, rather than scare away, visitors to your cubicle or office.

"Somebody had pigs feet on their desk, like pickled pigs feet, I thought that was a little interesting," he said.

Miller is a career expert with The Creative Group, a placement service for those skilled in things like interactive, design, marketing and advertising.

"You are still at work," Miller adds. "People do have guidelines. It depends on what your corporate guidelines are. I think anything that is offensive - some people bring calendars that are a little too edgy, I think that's a no-no. Anything that offends, anything that's vulgar, you really got to watch it."

He says it's OK to add some personal touches to workspaces but don't go overboard. Keep it neat and tasteful.

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