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Exclusive: Some Vehicles Carjacked In Philadelphia Exported As Far Away As Africa, Sources Say

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia's carjacking crisis is not easing up. Some of the stolen cars will never be recovered. Eyewitness News has exclusive new details on what's happening to these vehicles.

Philadelphia police say there will be a significant news conference Tuesday, which will include the mayor, police commissioner and many more, to discuss carjackings in the city.

Law enforcement sources tell CBS3 they've traced some carjacked vehicles to shipping ports in Newark, New Jersey, and Wilmington, Delaware, where those stolen cars are then exported out of the country.

Sources say some of the vehicles taken at gunpoint off city streets ended up in Africa.

Philadelphia Police declined requests to talk on camera about the development.

Several sources providing information for this report on the condition of anonymity confirm an organized ring of carjacking thieves is operating across the city.

At least two people have been fatally shot during robbery and carjacking attempts, including George Briscella two weeks ago in North Philadelphia.

The escalation of deadly violence connected to the city's out-of-control carjacking crisis has set off alarms. Councilman Kenyatta Johnson has called for a town hall Tuesday night to confront the issue.

"A lot of people just don't feel safe getting into their car and getting out of their car and so we want to have an overview from the Philadelphia Police Department on how people can feel safe going to and from home. And for me, that's very, very important," Johnson said.

Police say they will be focusing on two specific homicide cases as it relates to carjackings in the city. The first, the case of Briscilla, and a second shooting that happened at 81 Grovers Ave. two weeks ago.

CBS3's Ross DiMattei contributed to this report.

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