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EXCLUSIVE: Mercer County Jewelry Store Robbery May Be Part Of Multi-State Theft Spree

By Todd Quinones

ROBBINSVILLE Twp., N.J., (CBS) --  A jewelry store robbery in Mercer County may be part of a multi-state theft spree.

More than $300,000 worth of diamonds are gone.

Police are looking into the possible connection between a diamond heist here and one just outside of Chicago.

Watch as this woman tries once – twice -- then a third time as she steals a box of loose diamonds valued at $200,000.

The surveillance video of the heist in the suburban Chicago town of Naperville caught the eye of Robert Tindall.

Last week his Robbinsville, NJ jewelry store outside of Trenton was targeted by three diamond thieves including a woman (see previous story).

They stole more than $100,000 worth of diamonds from him.

"It made a chill in me," Tindall said.

He was stunned when police showed him the images from the theft outside of Chicago that happened in August.

"There's no doubt. That was not only her, her face, she had on the same darn glasses, the same sunglasses," he said.

Now Naperville Police and Robbinsville Police are working to try and identify the diamond thieves and determine if they are part of a multi-state ring.

In both case the thieves worked together.

First they distract the owner.

Then a second one quickly snatches the diamonds.

Tindal snapped this cell phone picture of one the getaway cars which appears to be a black Audi A3 or A4.

"They were just so quick and so good at what they did, and so focused on the loose diamonds," Tindall said.

The suspects are described as Hispanic with thick accents.

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