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EXCLUSIVE: Suspect Speaks Out About Road Rage Incident In Exton

by Todd Quinones

EXTON, Pa., (CBS) - Police say it was an anonymous tip that led investigators to the suspect.

Brian Burke, 36 of Chester County, is described by West Whiteland Township Police as a homeless man with a history of road rage.

"This man is very, very dangerous.  If he had a knife or a gun he would've killed me," said victim Gail Edgell.

Edgell was on her way to work when police say she accidently cut Burke off.

"He started getting irate, honking then he got out of his vehicle," West Whiteland Township Police Detective Scott Pezick said.

It was at the Route 100 off-ramp off of Route 30 in Exton when police say things escalated just before 9 a.m.

Investigators allege Burke got out of his pickup truck and started walking to Edgell's car.

"He punched me right in the forehead with his fist and took my glasses, and just stomped back to his car," Edgell said.

Only CBS 3 was there as Burke denied at least part of the accusation.

"It's a lie. I took her glasses. That was it, because she flipped me off when she pulled out in front of me and laughed at me," Burke said.

He also denied hitting Edgell.

Burke is charged with robbery, theft and assault in connection to last Monday's incident.  Police say he has a history.

"There's a prior incident in 2010 which he was charged for stemming from a road rage incident," Detective Pezick said.

Burke remains locked up in jail on $75,000 bail cash bail.

He has another hearing scheduled for Monday.

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