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EXCLUSIVE: 67-Year-Old Victim Tied Up, Beaten During Home Invasion Robbery

By Natasha Brown

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A 67-year-old man is living in terror tonight after getting attacked at his home.

He opened the door to a suspect who barged in and tied him up.

CBS 3's Natasha Brown spoke exclusively with the victim.

The suspect is no stranger to this victim. He gained his trust only to violate it in a very frightening way.

George Burris has reason to be cautious just days after a violent home invasion robbery. He's leery about opening his front door for anyone.

"I'm a little more aware," he said.

Burris says on Friday afternoon, a man who had done for him at his home in the past showed up at his front door claiming to be returning money he had borrowed.  Burris soon found out his motive wasn't to return money at all, but to take money.

"He pushed me in, and he beat me and he tied me up, and he took my wallet," he said.

The victim was left helpless for hours, bound and gagged in his own home.

"Took me about three hours to get untied," he said.

You can still see where police had to force their way inside to get to the victim, breaking down his front door.

"He was able to free his arms. The offender did not take his cell phone, so he was able to reach for his cell phone, call 911," Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker said.

There's been a lot of breaks-in, home invasions," neighbor Kenneth Bruce said.

Neighbors say as heartless as this latest home invasion sounds, they've heard of two others along the 6100 block of Christian Street just in the last three months. Lifelong residents seeing their neighborhood change in a very violent way.

"There's no trust around here," a neighbor said.

Police are looking for a Black male in his 30 who's goes by the name Ali. He's also known to do lawn work in that neighborhood.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police.

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