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Jury To Begin Deliberations In AG Kane Trial

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — Jurors will begin deliberations later this afternoon in the criminal trial of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane. Closing arguments wrapped up shortly after 1 p.m. today.

The defense attacks two key witnesses for the prosecution. Kane's attorney Seth Farber, in his closing, says the commonwealth is relying on those two in a criminal trial, but -- as he put it he wouldn't buy a used car from them.

Farber criticizes the prosecution's use of texts, emails and phone calls, calling them "largely meaningless details," arguing the commonwealth is trying to put other people's words in Kane's mouth.

Farber stood by his client and closed his hour-and-a-half argument by telling the jury, "Kathleen Kane is counting on you."

But Prosecutor Kevin Steele tells the jury, don't throw your common sense out the door. Over just shy of two hours, Steele walked them step-by-step through the timeline using the phone records and texts to back up the testimony and the charges.

As for credibility of the witnesses, Steele looked at the jury and asked "who chose them." "Not me," he said, "I wasn't in charge of hiring at the Attorney General's Office." Steele told the six men and six women of the jury, these are the people she chose, the people closest to her.

Steele finished by saying Kane started a war out of revenge, and he says she didn't care who got hurt in the process.

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