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Black Clergy Of Philadelphia Offers Assistance As Federal Eviction Moratorium Lapses

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A Congressional failure to extend the country's federal eviction moratorium, first enacted due to the COVID pandemic, has led the Black Clergy of Philadelphia to give tips and reassurance.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention extended the protections at the end of June, trying to give Congress more time to finalize an overarching extension. The moratorium helped Americans who fell behind on rent during the pandemic.

The decision to not issue a summer extension goes against pleas from President Joe Biden. He is now asking the states and local governments to offer solutions.

The Black Clergy of Philadelphia is doing its part to advocate for local resources while encouraging people to apply for the city's eviction diversion program.

The program "offers the renter an opportunity to pay over time," according to Reverend Robert Collier, the president of the Black Clergy of Philadelphia. "And what that does, it satisfies the landlord because they get the money. It helps the renters because they're able to stay in their home."

For more information on the diversion program, click here.

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