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Essential Tailgating Foods In Philadelphia

Football season has begun and tailgating parties are underway. Pack up the cars and head out to any Lincoln Stadium parking lot on game day to enjoy the tailgating festivities. Besides packing up chairs, coolers, blankets and Eagles gear, food is the most important to keep the energy up for game day. Philadelphia is popular for certain foods such as the cheese steak, soft pretzel and Tastykake. However when it is time to consume these foods, condiments are so important to enjoy the flavors of this football season.

This city is well known for cheese steaks and tourists come from all over to get a taste of an authentic Philly cheese steak. When heading out to the tailgate party, don't forget to make this delectable sandwich. Prepare the meat and have it in a separate compartment so that the bread does not become soggy. Or order cheese steaks from Pat's or Gino's, located in south Philly near the stadium. Be sure to have on hand some marinara sauce to top it off for a flavorful tailgating experience.

Italian sausages are a delicious commodity at any Philadelphia Eagles tailgate party. The night before the game, put these sausages in the crock pot so they will be tender and delicious for game day. Be sure to have some authentic Italian rolls to pair up with these sausages. Top off the sausages with some sliced onions and bring some serious flavor to the party.

Philadelphia is also renowned for having some delicious and tender soft pretzels. Soft pretzels are available at a variety of places in the city, one famous place is Philly Soft Pretzel Factory which has a handful of locations throughout the area. Philly Soft Pretzel Factory offers a variety of soft pretzel variations from original to soft pretzel bites. Pair these soft delicious treats with mustard and enjoy.

Hoagies are also a popular dish of Philadelphia and can be a huge hit at tailgate parties. With hoagies available at many locations, especially in south Philadelphia, a tailgater can't go wrong with this food. It can be made at home or specially ordered at a well-known hoagie place to pick up prior to the game. Italian hoagies are the best when it comes to tailgating and can be topped off with shredded lettuce, onions, salt, pepper, oregano and oil. A Philly hoagie will put a smile on the face of any true Eagles tailgater.

Olives and cheese are good to have on hand at a tailgate party. Olives are great by themselves or as a compliment to any other tailgate food and no one can deny that anything is better with cheese. Philly is known for having Tastykake treats that come in a range of varieties. Whether it's original butterscotch krimpet, chocolate peanut butter candy cake, jelly krimpets or banana walnut bread, it is sure to be a hit amongst Philadelphia Eagles tailgate fans.

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