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Howard Eskin: Eagles Offered Sam Bradford 4 Year $18 Million Per Year Contract

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It's been no secret that Sam Bradford has not been the Eagles' solution at quarterback this season. While he has flashed brilliance at times, he has looked just as bad at other times.

His inconsistency, coupled with the fact that this is the final year of his deal, has many wondering whether or not Bradford will be back with the Eagles next season.

One potential target whose name has popped up is Colin Kaepernick. It is evident that Kaepernick may not be in the future plans with the 49ers and many feel like his ability to make plays with his legs makes him a strong candidate to run Chip Kelly's offense.

94WIP's Howard Eskin joined The Josh Innes Show on Monday to discuss the Eagles' feelings toward Kaepernick and toward their own quarterback in Bradford.

If you're rooting for the Eagles to pursue Kaepernick, Eskin may have some bad news for you.

"They're not big fans of Kaepernick," Eskin said of the Eagles. Eskin added that the distaste for Kaepernick does not mean the team is incredibly high on Bradford either.

"They were big fans of Bradford," Eskin explained. "They're not as big of fans of Bradford because obviously they will not sign him to the contract that he turned down which was about $18 million a year."

LISTEN: Howard Eskin reports that the Eagles offered Sam Bradford a 4-year deal worth $18 million per year:

Eskin went on to clarify that the offer the Eagles made to Bradford was for 4 years at $18 million per year. Eskin also reported that it was Bradford's agent, not Bradford, that ultimately influenced the turning down of the deal.


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