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Escaping The Storm: Many Hit PHL Airport Ahead Of Another Nor'easter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Call it timing or just plain luck. Some Philadelphians are escaping the next nor'easter by heading for southern sunshine.

Cody and his family from the Lansdale area checked in at the Southwest counter Tuesday afternoon headed for a week-long vacation to Disney World.

 "So I think the timing was great, right before the storm we are getting out," Cody said. "So, no worries with the snow."

So the best part of it is getting out before this big storm that we might have six inches to a foot.

"Yes, I feel like I planned it perfectly even though it was a total accident because my mom and dad are actually trying to leave tomorrow at 6 a.m. so they took the 6 a.m. flight tomorrow," Cody's wife Ana explains. "So I pray that they get out."

Cody and Anna say by the time they get back next week they're hoping the snow piles will be almost gone.

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