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Erie Avenue PSPCA Gets Major Gift For Its Big Dogs

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Big dogs rescued by the Pennsylvania SPCA are getting an upgrade in their sleeping arrangements.

Big Barker, a dog bedding company based in King of Prussia, is donating 27 crate pads to the PSPCA on Erie Avenue.

Something the SPCA's Julie Klim says is an absolute luxury for the agency.

"$200 a piece for those beds that would go in our surgery, and the home version are two hundred, so we just don't have the resources for those kind of things and it's an incredible help to us and we're so grateful to Big Barker for donating them."

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Eric Shannon is president of Big Barker.

"The reason why they're so great for an environment like this is because they're water proof, they're easy to clean," he said. "But most importantly they're going to keep all of the pressure off of the dog, so it doesn't transfer to the floor. So it's gonna keep them very, very comfortable, it's gonna eliminate all the pressure points."

The bed's were donated in honor of the PSPCA's 150th anniversary.

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