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Eric Trump Clarifies His Father's Attack On Muslim Soldier's Family

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Eric Trump, the son of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, attempted to clarify his father's remarks over the weekend in which he lashed out at the parents of a Muslim soldier killed in Iraq who spoke at the Democratic National Convention last week in Philadelphia.

Trump, during an interview with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, continued to claim that his dad did not mean to malign their son's service or their character.


"There is no question, he is absolutely a hero. Anybody who dies for this nation is a hero and they paid the greatest sacrifice of them all. There's just no question about that. But this isn't about this. This is about radical Islamic terrorism. We've got a massive problem. You've seen it as well as I have. It seems like the world is imploding. You had San Bernardino earlier this year. You had the awful shooting in Dallas. You have the awful at the LGBT night club in Orlando which left so many people dead. You have the shootings of Paris, Brussels, Nice. I can keep on going on and on."

He promised that his father is intent on preventing terrorists from entering the country.

"My father's whole message we have to keep this country safe. You can't let in 500,000 Syrian refugees, who our own CIA Director and FBI Director have said contains elements of ISIS within them. Quite frankly, ISIS has even bragged that they will be in with the Syrian refugees who come into this country. It's insane. We have to have proper borders. We have to know who's coming into the United States. That's his message. Believe me, there will be no one tougher than on ISIS in the world than my father."

Trump also complained about the debate schedule unveiled over the weekend that features conflicts with NFL games on multiple nights.

"Just don't put it on a Monday night during football season. Put it the following day. Put it on that Tuesday. You're not going to conflict with anything major on that day. If you look at all the Democratic debates between Hillary and Bernie, they were always on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, when everybody's grilling out, no one cares about politics and no one's glued to the TV. It was really amazing. People would need to make a cognizant effort to watch those debates because they always hid them on these long weekends where people are traveling and people are away or people aren't tuned in. It just feels like they are trying to do the same thing here. If they're on Monday, guess what, just move them. Just move them one day back and that's my father's point. Let's have everybody watch the debates."


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