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Noninvasive Treatment Uses Electro-Magnetic Energy To Tone Muscle, Melt Fat

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- For those toning up in the new year, instead of doing thousands of sit-ups, there's a noninvasive treatment that tones muscle and melts fat. This is designed for people who are already in good shape. It's not about getting rid of lots of fat, it's more about toning up.

Kim Sessock, 53, says she was always proud of her figure and flat abs, but things have changed.

"I don't think I can exercise to get the stomach back that I used to have," said Sessock, who lives in Bucks County.

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Sessock didn't want surgery or anything invasive, so she decided to try new FDA-approved technology to melt fat and improve muscle tone.

Dr. Annie Buinewicz says Emsculpt works like an MRI with electro-magnetic energy.

"The studies with the FDA show muscle tone can improve up to 17 percent, fat reduction anywhere between 20, and we're hearing 28 percent," said Buinewicz.

She continued, "As the muscles are twitching, the muscles actually need food and they're actually draining or attack the fat cells, so the fat cells will actually break apart."

The maker says a 30-minute session is comparable to doing 20,000 sit-ups in terms of muscle stimulation.

"It doesn't hurt," said Sessock. "It's an intense feeling, but it's odd, but it does not hurt. There is no pain."

Four 30-minute treatments are needed over two weeks and Emsculpt costs $3,000.

"It's very important to feel confident as a woman," said Sessock.

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She says she's looking forward to feeling good in her bikini.

"I thought it was genius," said Sessock. "Anyone who thought of this was a genius, truly."

This is one of the first treatments that targets the muscle for toning, with fat loss being a byproduct, but the results are not as dramatic as what you get with something more invasive like liposuction.

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