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Yoga Emergency Therapy As Alternative To Urgent Care, Hospital ER

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A growing number of people are turning to Yoga Emergency Therapy, instead of an urgent care clinic or a hospital ER, for minor aches and pains. Katie Burke is getting help for her anxiety and achy back with yoga. "It's helped me to become stronger both emotionally and physically," Katie said. "So it's a huge impact on my life."

This is Yoga Therapy Clinic in Roxborough. They specialize in issues mainly related to pain or anxiety and act as an alternative to waiting for a class, or going to a doctor or urgent care center. "It gives people kind of a quick take on things that they can do. Quick prescription, if you will, for using yoga for healing," said Theresa Conroy, a yoga therapist.

Theresa says the clinic provides quick targeted instruction on breathing and relaxation techniques. "Can help to calm your mind, calm your body, loosen your muscles, reduce your heart rate, and lower your blood pressure. All that can help you to feel less pain," Theresa said.

"Any person could benefit from yoga," said Dr. Tsao-Wei Liang, the Director of the Movement Disorders Program at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. "Joint issues, knee, and shoulder issues can be improved by yoga."

Some common complaints often relieved at the yoga clinic are text neck. Text neck is the straining of your neck due to always looking down at your phone. This is especially true for people like Katie, who spend most of their days sitting in front of a computer.

"It's neck pain, shoulder pain, and sometimes it would radiate up and shoot up into my head," Katie said. Katie says yoga was much more effective for her than medications and other therapies. For people with lower back pain, Theresa says yoga provides a variety of benefits. "You're strengthening the back muscles and lower ab muscles that support your back," said Theresa.

The yoga clinic is currently available on Saturday afternoon for walk-ins or you can make an appointment. The charge is $45 for a half hour. For more information on yoga therapy, and how you can get started visit,

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