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Electronic Glasses Open New World For Legally Blind South Jersey Boy

BARRINGTON, N.J. (CBS) -- Nine-year-old John Paul Corman, who is legally blind, is now experiencing the world through a device called eSight.

It processes images in real-time and allows John Paul to focus where he's looking.

"eSight takes his little bit of vision and makes it better for him, it gives him more access to the visual world around him," explains his mother Faye Corman.

When Faye and Michael Corman adopted John Paul from China 6 years ago he was almost completely blind.

Through surgeries at WillsEye Hospital, he has gained 20-200 vision in his left eye.

Last summer John Paul tried on a pair of eSight glasses for the first time and could immediately recognize his father across the room.

But the device, made by a Toronto-based company, costs more than $10,000.

Through local charities and private donations, the Cormans raised the money and John Paul just recently got his glasses, which he doesn't want to take off.

"He took it out in the backyard yesterday and was just looking at tree branches. So something we take for granted he's now seeing clearly for the first time," says Faye.

Playing face to face with his sister Camille and mom and dad has new meaning.

Michael expected his own experience being blind would guide his son, now the only thing he expects John Paul won't see is limits.

"It's certainly going to allow him to get one-ups manship on his old dad," says Michael.


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