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Problem At Polls? There Is Help For That

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Election Protection hotline is up and running and hundreds of volunteers have been trained and are ready to deal with voter problems on Tuesday.

Voters can dial 866-OUR-VOTE. The call goes to a command center manned by attorneys who prioritize and route the call to volunteer staging centers near the caller's location.

"We do not expect any incidents of harassment, but we are well prepared." says Joe Certaine, who runs the OV Catto Voter Empowerment Initiative.

Voter Resource Guide

Certaine says attorneys will respond to complaints alongside a team of observers who will file reports.

"If you have any question...'where's my polling place?' 'How long are the polls open?' -- you call," says Mary Catherine Roper.

Roper says ACLU attorneys will be standing by. If there are delays they'll try to extend poll hours. And no matter what - do not leave without casting a ballot - at least provisionally - and beware of false rumors like...

"People getting calls that say your vote has already been counted, you don't need to go," she says. "That is not true."


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