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Ed Rendell Recommends AG Kathleen Kane Fight Back Against Indictment

By Rich Zeoli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Former Governor Ed Rendell defended Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane as she faces potential charges for leaking information regarding her decision not to file charges against numerous politicians caught in a corruption scandal.


Rendell told Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT he thinks she should vigorously fight back against the allegations.

"I wouldn't resign if she is charged. That's what we have juries for and she steadfastly believes she's innocent. The grand that investigated her and recommended charges for leaking evidence was guilty of leaking evidence seven different times, including giving a sealed presentment to the Inquirer. A sealed presentment is the most secret of all grand jury material and it was delivered to the Inquirer by somebody in the grand jury. So she's got some built in defenses, etc. If she's found not guilty, could she come back? It's not going to be easy but I've seen stranger things happen politically."

He stated this case has overshadowed many of the good things she's done since taking office in 2013.

"She made a mistake and every prosecutor makes mistakes during their term of office. She's made a few. She's done some good things. Her office has done a very good job on prosecuting drug trafficking. It's done a very good job on prosecuting child predators. There's some things that balance off what she's done."

Rendell does see a path for Kane for survive this ordeal politically.

"She hasn't actually been charged yet. The grand jury has recommended charges and if she's charged she has to go to trial. If she's convicted, she's obviously finished politically and probably won't serve out her term. But if she's acquitted, her defense that she's being victimized and picked on might resound. She can, at that point, put herself in, sort of playing the victim, and then she'll face a tough primary election next year, and if she wins that, a tough general election. But you can't ever count anybody out."

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