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Ed Rendell: PA Is Essential For Democrats In November

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell says prevailing in Pennsylvania is key for Hillary Clinton to win the White House in November.

Rendell, during an interview with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, stated the Clinton campaign would be wise to pay extra attention to the Keystone State.

"This state is in play. Anybody who thinks that it isn't is crazy. I remember I was literally screaming on the phone with the Obama campaign to bring the President back in. We finally got him in for one last day in Pittsburgh. He didn't come back in in Philadelphia and we went from winning this city by about 12 points in 2008 to winning the...region by about five points. They've got to take Pennsylvania seriously this time. It's very hard for Democrats to win without Pennsylvania. If you lose Pennsylvania, it puts a priority on winning either Ohio or Florida."

He said that despite trailing in key demographics, Donald Trump still has time to turn things around.

"The key for Donald Trump is through white men who are college educated. Mitt Romney won that group by 12 points in 2012. Right now, Hillary Clinton is winning that by 11. If Donald Trump could turn that and somehow win that group by seven or eight points, then he has a real chance, a very good chance, he might even be the favorite to carry a state like Pennsylvania, but if he loses college educated men by 10 or 11 points, considering how he's going to do with African-Americans and Latinos and women...he is in duck soup."

Rendell also believes Clinton has a key ally in President Obama, who will play a prime role in discrediting Trump with the Democratic base.

"I think you're going to see that from now until November 8. The President is on fire. He has a strong dislike for Mr Trump and I think he's going to everything he can. He's not going to pull any punches, which is an advantage for Hillary Clinton because she can let the President and the Vice-President, and even Tim Kaine deliver the bad stuff and she can stay on the high road a little bit."

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