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Earth - Bread + Brewery In Mount Airy Is Serving Up Home-Brewed Beer And Homemade Pizzas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Warm, rustic, and lived in with the smell of burnt embers and edges: Earth - Bread + Brewery is where Mount Airy meets to have a seat, grab a beer and break flatbread.

"In the beginning, there were a lot of questions about flatbread and why is it flatbread, and this and that, but now we just call it pizza cause that's what it is," owner Tom Baker said. "Our chef Tim is able to do some really amazing things that you wouldn't normally think of to go on top of a pizza."

Earth - Bread + Brewery is owned by Peggy Zwerber and Tom Baker, who both at one time worked in it until their creative home projects caught fire like their home-brewed beer and homemade pizzas. So much so it would lead them both here 13 years ago where ever since they've been brewing small-batch wonders and turning pies in the woodfired oven Baker built himself.

"Beer and pizza go pretty well together," owner Peggy Zwerber said.

Baker added, "Both fermented products. You ferment the dough, you ferment the beer, and that's really what I enjoy."

But what they've enjoyed most of all is the meaningful relationships they've cultivated between who they are, what they serve, and who they serve.

"Everything about this business is centered on local, sustainability, light footprint," Zwerber said. "We were told Mount Airy was the place to do that. Their loyalty and support have been the best part of it."

And things just keep getting better.

With their house salad, from the lemon juice squeeze, the fresh vibrancy of the greens, that pickled red onion, the beans and the grain, it's so good and wholesome but it's exciting at the same time. It's like just bursting with life, it's a good salad.


The Halloumi sandwich on homemade focaccia. The focaccia is delightful, the pockets scoop up the chutney, the halloumi cheese - it's a match made in heaven.

Pierogie pizza: the crust itself and the dough are sensational. The housemade kraut is so good but the slivers of potato, garlic, great cheese from the cheddar, wow!

And Tennessee Chicken Pizza: the crispy chicken dill crunch tenderness of the pickle heat is the star. This pizza is kicky and fiery and ferocious fantastic. It leaves its mark, just like here, it's leaving its mark on you when you come here. It's memorable.

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