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Super Bowl LVII: NJ, KC senior living communities make bet

A tasty Super Bowl bet between South Jersey, Kansas City nursing homes
A tasty Super Bowl bet between South Jersey, Kansas City nursing homes 02:04

VOORHEES, N.J. (CBS) -- A South Jersey senior living community is facing off against a Kansas City community in a tasty Super Bowl bet. 

If the Philadelphia Eagles win, Brookdale Evesham will receive a delivery of Kansas City barbecue from its sister community, Brookdale Wornall Place, near Kansas City. If the Chiefs win, Brookdale Evesham must send an order of Philly cheesesteaks.

"I wouldn't worry about them," Louise Brandt, a resident at Brookdale Evesham, said. "I think we're going to be OK."

The facility has been buzzing with excitement ever since the Eagles clinched the NFC championship.

Brookdale Evesham resident Jane Windle's been rooting for the Eagles since the 1930s.

"I remember going to see the Eagles when they played at Franklin Field, which is years ago," Windle said. "I have followed them all these years."

Victor Alessandri attended several Eagles games over his 89 years.

"My record of winning and losing is probably 10 wins and 3 losses every time I saw them," Alessandri said. "I guess I'm a little lucky for the Eagles." 

Barbara Kornfield said it's clear what the Eagles must do to win.

"The Eagles have a great defense," Kornfield said. "If they let Hurts play, he's going to win." 

No matter which team wins, Rachael Wittman, Brookdale Evesham's executive director, said the Super Bowl bet illustrates an important lesson. 

"We here at assisted living are full of energy, very vibrant," Wittman said. "We have all the excitement in the world, just like everybody else." 

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