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Eagles QB Coach: 'We Have Body Language Fines'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- All eyes are on the quarterback.

If you track Carson Wentz at an Eagles game -- before, during, or after any play -- he very rarely has bad body language. That's by design.

Eagles quarterback coach John DeFilippo told 94WIP's Howard Eskin on The Howard Eskin Podcastthat he implements body language fines for the QB's.

"First off, you're one hundred percent right -- a thousand percent right," DeFilippo said to Eskin, who suggested the importance of body language.

"Second of all, we have body language fines in our room. We call each other out for body language. And those, if they see me on the tape, they call me out for body language. It's something that's talked about, it's something that's coached, it's something that's brought up all of the time. You are always being watched as the quarterback. We always bring that up and we call each other out for body language."

How would DeFilippo classify bad body language?

"Sulking, taking your chin strap and pulling it, chasing after an interception -- if you throw an interception -- and putting your head down. Throwing a ball down after a sack."

The Eagles finished 7-9 last year and the unit that received arguably the most criticism was Wentz's receivers. The Eagles went out and upgraded at that position, signing Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith.

"Everyone had a hand in being 7-9 last year, every position did," DeFilippo says. "I had a hand in it, they had a hand in it, we all had a hand in it. And so we're all looking to improve every day and hopefully we are."

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