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Eagles Fans Rank Among The Drunkest In The NFL

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- What's your normal gameday routine when you're attending an Eagles game. A little tailgating? A few beverages during the game perhaps?

It's hard to argue against a stiff drink when you consider the way the team has played this season, but how much are Eagles fans drinking compared to the fans of other teams?

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
PHILADELPHIA, PA - SEPTEMBER 20: Security grabs a fan who ran onto the field as Bennie Logan #96 of the Philadelphia Eagles looks on during the third quarter of a football game at Lincoln Financial Field on September 20, 2015 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Cowboys defeated the eagles 20-10. (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)

According to a new study by Vinepair, in conjunction with BACtrack, Eagles fans rank as the third drunkest in the NFL. BACtrack is a company which develops smartphone breathalyzers. The company used this technology to anonymously collect BAC data from users of BACtrack mobile during gamedays up until October 26.

The Eagles, with an average BAC of 0.069 are third behind fans of the Bills and the Lions.

Does team success have anything to do with how much the fans are drinking? Perhaps, it does.

The combined win-loss record for the the top five drunkest fan bases (BUF, DET, PHI, CLE, ARZ) is 13-21. The combined win-loss record for the five most sober fan bases (CIN, TEN, NO, NYG, HOU) is 16-17.

BACtrack also kept track of preseason BAC for the fans bases and the Eagles fans relationship with drinking may correlate with their outlook on the team. Eagles fans BAC levels on average are up 49 percent from the preseason when it seemed the Eagles were Super Bowl bound.


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