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Philadelphia Fans Excited As Eagles Preseason Opener Arrives

By Dan Wing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - With the Eagles playing their first game of the preseason Friday night, a 31-22 loss to the New England Patriots, fans were anxious to see what the team had to offer under new Head Coach Chip Kelly.

There was no lack of passion at the stadium complex. And some of the predictions were pretty optimistic.

"Sixteen and 0. Without a doubt," said Eagles fan Rob, from Philadelphia.

Others were tempering their expectations.

"I'm thinking seven at the over/under, you know? I'm putting it at that. I'm hoping for seven," said Dave, from Cherry Hill.

One thing is for sure, and that's that there are plenty of story lines surrounding the team headed into the season.

"I want to see how Chip is with the guys," said Rob.

"Pretty curious about what's going on with the Q-B situation. Vick's coming off a tough year last year, and he's always battling injuries," said Dave.

"See how Cooper plays too. See if he can put all of this behind him. Doesn't seem like that's going to be doable though," said Ben Lebo.

"Wide receiver is going to be the biggest problem. I think the other guys are going to be all healed up and playing by the time it's important," said Kyle Babcock.

How the season will pan out is yet to be seen, but fans are definitely excited to see the boys of fall back on the field.

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