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E-ZPass 'Feedback' Signals Disappearing From Pa. Turnpike Exchanges

HARROSBURG, Pa. (CBS) -- Say goodbye to those traffic-light looking signals in Pennsylvania Turnpike E-ZPass lanes that tell you your toll has been paid. At least one in our area has already been turned off and the rest will go in the coming months.

Pennsylvania Turnpike spokesman Carl DeFebo says the so-called "feedback" signal at Street Road in Bensalem has already been shut off. The Turnpike is upgrading its E-ZPass toll technology -- and those "feedback" signals – green means your toll has been paid, yellow for low balance -- don't fit the new scheme. So they are being decommissioned. DeFebo says it's important that motorists do not hesitate when they encounter the change.

"Customers will have to trust the technology that's in their transponder. Just continue moving through the lane, assuming that if your transponder has been working, there's really no reason for you to suspect that it won't continue to work," DeFebo said. "So you're not going to get that feedback -- you'll just have to trust your E-ZPass tag."

Nothing else will change in those E-ZPass lanes, including the speed limits.

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