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DRPA Police Officer Buys Shoes For Man Kicked Off Bus For Not Having Any

LINDENWOLD, N.J., (CBS) - A humble and generous act caught a Pine Hill woman off guard at the Lindenwold train station this weekend.

Kayla Palmer witnessed a police officer from the Delaware River Port Authority give a brand new pair of boots to a man he had just removed from a NJ Transit bus.

Patrolman Kenya Joyner says he had to remove the man from the bus for not wearing shoes and when he asked the man why he didn't wear shoes it was a simple problem – he didn't have any.

Joyner then asked the man for his size and preference between boots or sneakers and went to the Payless across the street to buy the guy a new pair.

"I just felt like the gentlemen simply was on hard times, he wanted to ride on the bus but he couldn't afford shoes, there was no need for me to arrest him for that," Joyner told Eyewitness News.

Palmer's video recorded the man trying on the shoes and then went over to officer Joyner to shake his hand.

DRPA CEO John Hanson commends Joyner saying, "I think he did the right thing. He went above and beyond, he was his best self I think in that action and he set an example for all of us."

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