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Drexel Unveils New Autism Diagnosis Van

By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Officials at Drexel University unveil their brand new mobile REACH (Resources and Education for Autism and Community Health) Autism van. You may soon see this van in a neighborhood near you.

Director of Outreach for the AJ Drexel Autism institute Jennifer Plumb explains how the staffed van can help those who have yet to be diagnosed.

"One of our focuses is going to be doing screenings in the community, which is a huge need for individuals on spectrum."

Clinical Director for the AJ Drexel Autism Institure James Connell says it's critical to bring the care to the community.

"They can't take the day off, they may have three or four children. Putting them on a bus, getting them to the subway and travelling down to the University is complicated for many families. So, we want to work with our governmental community partners to bring these settings out to them."

Connell says once the children are diagnosed, the family can take the assessment they receive to ensure their loved one receives the proper services, including an IEP or Individual Education Plan.

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