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Drexel Culinary Students Compete In Beet-Based Challenge

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A local company challenges Drexel culinary students to create original recipes made from their beet powder.

Alexandra Zeitz, manager of the Drexel Food Lab, says their Beet Powder student competition came from a dilemma posed to the school from the local "Love Beets" company.

"So they have this wonderful beet powder that's made from whole beets that could not be used in their production of their regular cooked product. So they came

Beet-based deserts present by one student. (credit: Hadas Kuznits)

up with this powder to use up those beets," Zeitz explained.

Students were challenged to come up with beet powder recipes. Sylvia Pinto based her idea on the flavors of a beet and goat cheese salad.

"I've always like the idea of arancini, the risotto balls, so I decided to flavor the risotto with beets," Panto said.

Other recipes included a vegan beet burger, beet french toast, beet macaroons and beet chicken.

One of the seemingly favorite recipes was by Alex Schmaus, who made "beetsicle ice cream."

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