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Drexel Autism Institute Partners With Pharmacy To Offer Sensory-Friendly COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A partnership between the Drexel Autism Institute and Sunray Pharmacy allowed people with sensory issues to get their COVID vaccination Saturday.

"We have been searching through Delaware, Jersey, Philly," Jendayi Muntu said.

The search came to an end Saturday morning for the Muntu family. After four failed attempts, 13-year-old Nehemiah Muntu-Ashan finally got his COVID-19 vaccine.

"Every time we would go, the staff would be helpful, but they really didn't know how to accommodate his special needs," Muntu said.

Nehemiah is diagnosed with Autism and is non-verbal. He went to the sensory-friendly vaccination clinic at the Academy of Natural Sciences on Saturday.

It's a partnership with Sunray Pharmacy and the Drexel Autism Institute.

"We're just wanting to make an environment that is a comfortable place for families who may experience some challenges getting the vaccine," Jennifer Plumb, with the Drexel Autism Institute, said.

The clinic offered vaccines and boosters and people with sensory issues were given special accommodations to make the experience more comfortable, like color books, fidgets, mind games and most importantly trained staff.

"Understanding what they need to give them what they need to help them out," Meredith Blood, with the Drexel Autism Institue, said.

They are helping families like the Muntus get back to life as usual.

"This was like life-changing because now we can see more family and not have to be so anxious when he's at school or doing different things," Muntu said.

The academy is planning a follow-up clinic in January. For more information, click here.

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