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Drew Bledsoe: Playing For Jets Is 'Where Quarterbacks Go To Die'

By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- Chad Pennington, Mark Sanchez, and Geno Smith. All quarterbacks drafted by the New York Jets. All under-achieved in New York.

Former NFL Pro Bowl quarterback and Super Bowl champion Drew Bledsoe played 14 successful seasons, 13 of them in the AFC East with the Patriots and Bills. He's just thankful he got to play against the Jets, instead of for the Jets.

"There are systems that are more conducive to helping the quarterback," Bledsoe told Anthony Gargano and Rob Ellis on the 94WIP Afternoon Show, talking about Sanchez. "To see Mark go from a situation in New York, that was just---that's where quarterbacks go to die. Who's had a successful season as a quarterback for the Jets? Who's the last one? Probably, Chad Pennington? I can't think of whose been successful for the Jets and that's not all just laid at the feet of the quarterback. It's been a bad place for quarterbacks to play, so I'm just really happy for Mark."

Listen to Drew Bledsoe on the 94WIP Afternoon Show:


According to Jennry Vrentas of, in 2011, "Sanchez was pulled in different directions by his offensive coordinator, Brian Schottenheimer, and his position coach, Matt Cavanaugh."

"I equated it to---getting drafted to play quarterback for the Jets---it's like when the Mayans used to take these virgins up to the edge of volcano and just throw 'em in," Bledsoe said. "These guys are almost just sacrificed to the football Gods when they go play for the Jets. I'm sure that will piss some people off, but it's a pretty defensible statement when you look at what's happened with the quarterbacks who have played for the Jets over the past decade. These guys are not all bad football players. They're good football players, but have just not had success there."

Here in Philly, under Chip Kelly's QB friendly system, Sanchez has taken over for an injured Nick Foles. In his first NFL start since December 30th, 2012, Sanchez did something he never did in five seasons with Jets---throw for 300 yards and commit no turnovers.


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