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Dramatic Testimony In Trial Of Accused Philadelphia Cop-Killer

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- There has been dramatic, tearful testimony in the trial of a 25-year-old man charged with the murder of off-duty Philadelphia police officer Moses Walker in North Philadelphia in 2012. The victim was robbed and murdered as he walked from work after completing his overnight shift at the 22nd district.

Witnesses have detailed the final minutes of Officer Moses Walker's life, and a critical decision to walk from the station house.

"We had one officer testify that she actually offered him a ride and he said, 'no thanks sweetie, I'll walk. Going to catch a bus,' " said Prosecutor Jude Conroy.

Minutes and a few blocks later, Walker was shot. Fellow officers responded to 911 calls of a person shot.

"Observed a male on the highway shot and during the course of their attempting to render life-saving medical assistance, they in fact realized it was their coworker who they had seen a short period before, Officer Moses Walker," said Conroy.

One officer recounted his desperate efforts, talking to Walker, smacking him across the face. He says Walker attempted to speak, but then stopped breathing. Walker was pronounced dead within minutes.

Defendant Rafael Jones has pleaded not guilty. The defense says he did not commit the robbery or the shooting. A co-defendant pleaded guilty and will testify as part of a cooperation plea deal.

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