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Return Of The Milkman: Dairy Delivery Service Making Comeback Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A delivery service that harkens back to the good ol' days -- fresh, cold milk brought right to your door. The milkman is making a comeback because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Getting things you need delivered right to your door feels like the new thing to do, but what's interesting is recently the pandemic has made something old, something new again -- getting your dairy delivered.

And that is giving the milkman a major comeback.

Daryl Mast is the owner of Doorstep Dairy, a company that brings fresh and local dairy, produce, and baked goods from Lancaster, Chester, and Berks Counties to your doorstep every week.

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During the pandemic, Mast says while subscription boxes and produce boxes became even more popular, so did their dairy deliveries.

"For years, we spent money on marketing," Mast said. "Some things work, some things don't. You try new things. The last three months, we spent zero dollars on marketing and we were overwhelmed with work. It's been a blessing in that sense, and sometimes if I sit down and think about it, I'll cry about it.

Mast believes a lot of people are surprised dairy delivery is still around. He says for home delivery customers, 2% and whole milk are their best sellers. Butter has also been a top seller.

"Butter was ridiculous. That was one of those things right up there with toilet paper," Mast said.

While many were happy to see the dairy on their doorstep, many times they were even happier to see that familiar face once again.

"Back in the '50s and '60s it was typical for people to get milk delivered, maybe every other day," Mast said. "I think it goes back to that nostalgia, some people remember their milkman as a kid. I think some people, they don't have contact with people, we're that person who's there every week, so drink your whole milk."

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