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Don't Ditch Those Eclipse Glasses! Put Them To Good Use

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The eclipse has come and gone, and now many people have solar eclipse glasses sitting around collecting dust. Well, you can actually put those glasses to good use.

The nonprofit group 'Astronomers Without Borders' is organizing an effort to collect those glasses, and according to its president and founder, Mike Simmons, they'll then be sent down to South America and South Asia for eclipses coming in the near future.

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"There's a total eclipse going across Southern South America in 2019," Simmons said, "and an annular eclipse, where the moon is not quite big enough to cover the sun, across Southeast Asia a little bit later that year."

Simmons says keeping the glasses as a memento is also a great idea, and he hopes that parents will capitalize if their children have shown an interest in astronomy following the eclipse. But donating the glasses is a great way to let others across the world enjoy what we've just experienced here.

Information on where to mail the glasses and collection locations in your area can be found here.


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