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Donald Trump Jr: Media Is Clinton's Number One Surrogate

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Donald Trump Jr, the son of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, attacked his opponent, Hillary Clinton, saying positive media coverage is the only thing keeping her presidential campaign viable.

Trump, during an interview with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, stated the media treats Clinton far differently than they treat his father.


"The media has been her number one surrogate in this. Without the media, this wouldn't even be a contest, but the media has built her up. They've let her slide on every indiscrepancy, on every lie, on every DNC game trying to get Bernie Sanders out of this thing. If Republicans were doing that, they'd be warming up the gas chamber right now."

He believes his father has finally adjusted his approach to the presidential campaign after stumbling following his victory in the GOP primary and will be prepared to confront Clinton during the debates.

"He's always going to be himself and he's always been that way. He really understands now the nuances between business and politics, in terms of delivery and in terms of being out there. I think he's always been the same guy. He's always cared about all people. But, I think you have to express that differently in the way he's known to be very forward, very aggressive in business. That has served him very well for 40 years. It will actually serve him very much as a leader in terms of delivery and message to make sure that everyone understands. I think he gets it now. He hasn't been a politician his whole life. He hasn't created this system that I don't think any American is satisfied with in terms of DC."

Trump also addressed how the subsidies for child care and parental leave that the GOP nominee laid out during speech in Aston would be paid for.

"We do it, in part, by bringing common sense and jobs back to this country. We've shipped common sense abroad. We've taken that totally out of the dialogue. This is actually a very free market plan that's not going to be burdensome to businesses. We're going to fund these things very easily by bringing jobs back to this country, by allowing corporations who've shipped those jobs and who have kept their money abroad, allowing them to bring that back where it's not so penal for them, that they couldn't possibly do it and still be responsible to their shareholders, allow those guys to bring that money back into this country and imagine what you could do with it. You could do a lot more than early child care. You could actually educate our kids well, where we're not number 30 behind a long list of third world countries in education. Once you do that, you can educate your kids and you can take care of your vets. Think of what could happen."


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