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Dom Show Log 7.16.15


9:00 - Rick Santorum speaks out against Planned Parenthood.
9:10 - President Obama supports Planned Parenthood. 
9:15 - How should Republicans play into Planned Parenthood?
9:20 - President Obama fires back at Major Garrett.
9:30 - President Obama believes TV and Talk Radio stations don't tell the truth.
9:50 - Benjamin Netanyahu discussed the Iranian Nuclear Deal.
10:00 - Marwan Kreidie of United Voices of Philadelphia discussed immigration policies in Philadelphia. 
10:15 -  Should Philadelphia be a sanctuary city?  
10:30 - Caitlyn Jenner receives an ESPY award?  
10:50 - The problems with Hillary Clinton.
10:52 - Inside the Mind of Dom 
11:00 - Back to School shopping ideas from YouTube 
11:30 - Columnist J.D. Mullane discussed the Planned Parenthood controversy.
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