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Dom Giordano Column: The NJ Governor Talk Radio Needs Right Now

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- As far as content for my show, Phil Murphy, New Jersey's new governor, is a gift from heaven. For my listeners in South Jersey, this guy is an impending disaster. His footwear choice of fancy cloth sneakers with fancy business suits is an interesting fashion faux pas. However, the promises he has made to get elected are the real liberal wish list that signal a radical agenda. recently documented 19 major promises that Murphy made during the campaign. The promise to aid in the legalization of marijuana helped him in the campaign and may even bring in additional tax money. However, there will be a social cost to this change. I predict increasing numbers of low skilled workers will not be able to pass drug tests because they will get the signal that employers will now accept marijuana.

Low skilled workers will also benefit from Murph's promise that he will push through a $15 per hour minimum wage for New Jersey workers. Of course, workers already making $15 an hour will now expect employers to bump up their salaries. Employers will then try to pass all these costs on to New Jersey citizens.

Murphy also has promised to revive the tax on people making a million dollars a year. Of course, millionaires will counter by making their second home their primary residence.

The new governor also believes that the public schools are not fully funded, and he also believes that the pension system is not fully funded. Where will all the money come from?

Reality doesn't seem to intrude on Murphy because he has also promised free community college and a drive to turn New Jersey into a sanctuary state to thwart the policies of President Trump.

With these kind of promises and policies, Murphy is going to need those canvas sneakers to run from taxpayers.

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