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Dom Giordano Column: How Your PA Delegates Are Voting

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- I'm very excited to see the most interesting Republican Presidential race in my memory coming to Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania probably playing a pivotal role in the outcome. Donna from Lansdale, a recent caller, recalled this excitement when she told me she couldn't wait to vote but was concerned because of what I had found out the Pennsylvania Primary popular vote and the real power resting with the 54 delegates that will be elected and can for whomever they choose.

Charlie Gerow, guru of Pennsylvania politics and frequent guest on my show, told us that 14 of the "at large" delegates are bound to vote for the winner of the Pennsylvania Primary, but on the first ballot only. There are three "automatic" delegate slots for the state party chairman, the National Committeeman and National Committeewoman. Voters get to choose three delegates from each of Pennsylvania's 18 congressional districts to total 54 delegates.

These delegate candidates appear on the ballot without any indication of which candidate they'll vote for at the convention. This means that Donald Trump or Ted Cruz could win the popular vote and end up with very few delegates. It means you may be thrilled to see the "outsider candidates" win and then be dejected when at the convention Pennsylvania throws the election to an establishment candidate.

This is where I come in. I have set out to get as many delegate candidates in our five county area as possible on the record to tell us who they will vote for at the convention. This information will be placed on our website as I develop it. I have already spoken with two delegate candidates and I'm waiting for their written statements.

I have gotten a written statement from Tom Ellis, a delegate candidate in the 13th Congressional district. He told me "I believe the people should have a voice and their votes should be followed, not ignored. If they come out to vote, the delegates should heed their message. Therefore, if elected by the Republican voters in the 13th Congressional district, I will support, at least on the first ballot, the Presidential candidate who wins the most votes in the preferential election in the 13th."

Hear Tom Ellis's statement:


This is an interesting position. It is a classic suburban district where I'm told a conservative like Ted Cruz or a candidate like Donald Trump can't win. We'll see about that, but rest assured that I'll be bringing you the information on the delegate candidates that you'll be voting for in April. Big issues, big guests, big information!

Here is a running account of who Pennsylvania's delegates will vote for at the Republican convention.


Aldridk Gessa - 2nd District - Ted Cruz

Hear Gessa explain her decision:


Calvin Tucker - 2nd District - 'The last man standing."

Hear Tucker explain what he means: 


Liz Havey - 2nd District - The candidate that wins the 2nd District

Havey emailed this statement: 'I intend to vote for the candidate who wins my congressional district.'

Wayne Buckwalter - 6th District - Donald Trump

Buckwalter emailed a statement to Giordano in which he wrote: "I am a firm supporter of Mr. Trump and will not waver in the fortunate event I am elected regardless of the number of convention ballots."

Congressman Ryan Costello - 6th District - The candidate that wins the 6th District

Costello emailed this statement following a written request: "I believe a PA delegate voting at the convention should reflect their district's Primary Election results on the first ballot."

Vicki Lightcap - 6th District - The candidate that wins the 6th District

Lightcap emailed a statement that says, "As a delegate I will vote the way the people call for me to vote."

Larry Stohler - 6th District - The candidate that wins Pennsylvania on the first ballot

Stohler emailed the following statement explaining his position: "I will vote for the candidate that receives the most votes statewide on the first ballot. If the candidate that receives the most votes statewide is different than the candidate that receives the most votes in the 6th district I will have to evaluate how close the votes are between the two in the state and district results to determine who to vote for on the second and any subsequent ballots."

Bob and Mary Wert - 6th District - Ted Cruz

Bob Wert emailed Giordano the following: "Mary and I were recruited by the Cruz campaign to run as Delegates on his behalf.  He has our support because of his principled stands on social and economic issues.  We are also impressed by his well organized team in Pennsylvania.  The Cruz team took the time to understand the Pennsylvania election process and worked tirelessly to recruit and elect like minded candidates. An election campaign is a good indication of the leadership skills of the candidate.  If the efforts in Pennsylvania are any indication, the country will be in good hands with President Cruz."

Michael Puppio, Robert Willert and Joan Miller - 7th District - The candidate that wins the 7th District

Andy Reilly, the Secretary of the Republican Party in Pennsylvania explains their decision.


Ralph Wike III - 7th District - Donald Trump

Wike explains his decision. 


Barry Casper - 8th District - The candidate that wins the 8th District

Casper emailed the following statement to Giordano: "I'm running as a grass-roots candidate for Pennsylvania 8th Congressional Delegate to the Republican National Convention. The endorsed candidates in the 8th Congressional District are hand-picked, party politicians. If elected my ballot in Cleveland will be cast for the Presidential candidate selected by the voters of the 8th Congressional District."

Deborah Evangelou - 8th District - Ted Cruz

Evangelou emailed this statement: "I am proudly supporting the only truly consistent, constitutional conservative in this presidential race, Senator Ted Cruz.  If elected as Delegate, I commit to vote for Ted Cruz on the first ballot and every subsequent ballot at the convention, if it becomes necessary.  I feel that the 8th District voters deserve to know how their elected delegates will vote after the first ballot in a contested convention.  I can also assure the 8th District voters that under no circumstance would I ever cast a vote for any candidate who is not eligible to receive the nomination under the current rules."

Rob Loughery - 8th District - The candidate that wins the 8th Distict

Loughery emailed this statement: "If I am elected as a Delegate and get to represent the PA-8th Congressional district at the Convention in July, I would be guided by the outcome of the results of the primary election in the 8th district on April 26."

Marguerite Quinn - 8th District - The candidate that wins the 8th District

Quinn emailed this statement: "If I am privileged to represent the Republican voters of the 8th Congressional District, my vote will reflect the outcome of the 8th district primary."

Gilbert Cox - 13th District - The candidate that wins the 13th District

Cox released a statement in which he wrote: "The United States is a Representative Democracy and I firmly believe in representing the voters of the 13thCongressional District.  If elected, I will be voting for whomever the voters of the 13th Congressional District support with their popular vote."

Lauren Casper - 13th District - The candidate that wins the 13th District

Casper emailed this statement: "My only commitment is to the voters of the 13th congressional district--not party bosses, not outside influences--and to support the candidate they choose to be our party's nominee. I will represent the 13th District on EVERY ballot. Now is our time to make a statement to the political insiders, who for far too long have dictated to us the course of our party. We now have the opportunity for our voices to be heard, and that is exactly what I intend to do."

Sharon Meadows Oscar - 13th District - The candidate that wins the 13th District

Oscar sent the following statement: "If elected to represent the 13th Congressional District at the Republican National Convention this year, I will be looking to the majority vote in my Congressional District to determine my vote at the Convention. I would be honored to serve in this capacity for the Republican Party in Montgomery County."

Alan Apt - 13th District - The candidate that wins the 13th District

Apt emailed this statement: "I go to the RNC with the intention to vote the winner of the 13th, in the primary as a representative.  I have been recommended by the Phila and Montgomery County Committee's.  I have not been asked or requested to line up behind any particular candidate.  I think honoring the election is paramount."

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