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Dom's Favorite Books of 2015

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- I know that listeners often ask me about the books I've read over the year and I know that hopefully over the holidays you'll have the chance to catch up on your reading. So here goes with my 2015 list of some books I've read that you might enjoy.

I really like what O'Reilly has done with his "Killing" series. I really liked this year's "Killing Reagan." I'm in the camp that thinks this book sees Reagan as heroic and does not undermine his memory. I have read a lot about Reagan, but this book really offers a lot of insight into the Reagan before he rallied America to some of its finest moments.

I also really liked Ann Coulter's "Adios, America!" I 've done shows from the border with Mexico, interviewed and debated the experts on illegal immigration but this book delivers new information and insight. Donald Trump could just distill the information in the book and have all the information he would need for his presidential campaign.

I've always been a fan of Diana Nyad, 'the world's greatest long –distance swimmer'. I'm not a swimmer but I'm inspired by Nyad and her swim from Cuba to Key West, Florida recently was as good as it gets .

I am a golfer and somewhat of a basketball player and I enjoyed Dr. Bob Rotella's "How Champions Think". This book of sports psychology is great for whatever field you're in.

I know that Chris, Rich and I are reading over the holiday season and we'll bring you some great authors on the air and at events at our Speaker Series.

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