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Dom Giordano Column: O'Reilly Grilled

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)--For the past few weeks I've felt like one of those literary characters on a great quest to fulfill a mission. I have not been chasing Moby Dick but Bill O'Reilly. As you may know, I've landed O'Reilly and he'll join me at the Broadway Theater in Pitman, New Jersey on October 19th at 7 p.m. You get your tickets at

Of course, we'll talk about "Killing England", O'Reilly's new book. However, I plan to take you behind the scenes of the O'Reilly I've known over the years. He is an incredibly loyal person and we'll talk about why.

I was the radio sub host for O'Reilly's syndicated radio show and I'll get his reaction to my attempts to stop him from attacking the USO on his own radio show due to fears he might be sued.

I was a guest on O'Reilly's TV show three times and I'll talk with Bill about how unique it was to be a guest on his show and what it was like to be grilled as a surrogate for former governor Tom Corbett in the Sandusky matter. There is nothing like an O'Reilly grilling.

I may be grilled by O'Reilly at the event because I like the pocket square. Bill really is not a fan and has playfully said he'll mock me if I wear one on the night of the event.

Of course, Bill is a friend of President Trump and has a unique way of appealing to Trump to make him as effective as possible. He will mine this relationship to get you a more accurate picture of what Trump is all about.

I hope you'll have a front row seat with me at the Broadway Theater. Even though I've studied O'Reilly over the years and I think know him well, I'm taking to the mattresses for this one. Please send me your question and I use it.



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