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How Smart Is Your Dog? There's A Test For That

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)-- Ever wonder how smart your dog really is?

Now, there's a way to find out.

Our Jessica Dean put it to the test with her pup Finn, a seven and a half year old lab mix.

Dr. Brian Hare, founder of the Duke Canine Cognition Center at Duke University co-founded with other experts.

"Science sort of woke up to the idea that dogs are truly remarkable," he says.

Through a series of games on the website, Dognition measures empathy, communication, cunning, memory and reasoning to create a profile explaining how your dog thinks.

After a number of games, we have Finn's profile.

Finn is a socialite which according to the research means her genius in how she communicates and interacts with others.

Ultimately, Dognition focuses a unique skill set dogs have: the ability to interpret human gestures and visual cues.

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