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Dog injured in Philadelphia hit-and-run getting new lease on life thanks to prosthetic technology

Abandoned dog gets new lease on life
Abandoned dog gets new lease on life 02:42

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- An abandoned dog who was injured in a Philadelphia hit-and-run is getting a new lease on life with some high-tech intervention. Prosthetic technology has reached new heights. In July, we first told you about a special team trained at Jefferson that's changing lives for animals. 

Now, they're working with a dog who needs a home. He's a bundle of joy, who's full of happy energy in spite of a horrific past. 

Only having three legs doesn't seem to bother Rowan, his front leg was amputated after he was hit by a car in Philadelphia and abandoned. 

"He was such a pleasure to have in the office I mean just the energy he brought the joy," Adam Hecht with 3D Pet Prosthetics said. 

Adam Hecht and Alex Tholl, who have a company called 3D Pet Prosthetics will be making Rowan a new leg. 

"He has some really bad curvature of his spine his wrist his foot starting hyperextend which is a problem so he clearly needs some sort of support," Adam said. 

It will be similar to what they did for another dog named Trip. 

Adam and Alex, who met in Philadelphia while studying industrial design at Thomas Jefferson University, make customized animal prosthetics using computer technology and the specialized 3D printing they created. 

During the first meeting with Rowan, they used a phone to get the initial measurements. 

"We're going to be designing a full prosthesis in what we call it basically it's a harness that goes around so that we can attack a leg to sort of offload some of the weight from the remaining front left it almost like a crutch," Adam said. 

They make all kinds of prosthetics for all kinds of animals, like a pig who's missing legs have been replaced by wheels. 

They also outfitted a tortoise with wheels for front legs, and Beau, a goat they built a helmet to protect a missing part of his skull. 

There's also a pet duck Wattles, who is able to walk with their prosthetic. 

Rowan, who's in a shelter, they're hoping the prosthetic will help him find a new home. 

"You can not go wrong, we've absolutely fell in love with him," Alex said. "I think anyone who gives him the opportunity, go see him. The sweetest dog you'll ever meet." 

Adam and Alex, who've dealt with lots of animals say Rowan is really special. They're hoping he finds a new home. 

He's currently at the Sanctuary at Haafsville and available for adoption. Click here for more information. 

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