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Dog Found Brutally Beaten In Chester County Ravine

COATESVILLE, Pa. (CBS) - A brutally abused and emaciated pit bull was found in a Chester County ravine on Monday and the SPCA is seeking the public's help in locating the people responsible.

Caln Township Police responded to a ravine on the side of Fisherville Road in Coatesville after receiving a tip Monday night. Upon their arrival, they found a severely abused dog.

"I am a real dog lover and I was heart broken to see him in that condition," said Officer Joe Carboni. "He was in such bad shape that I thought he was hit by a car. He was shivering and couldn't raise his head."

After discovering the dog, police called the Chester County SPCA who then rushed the injured dog to the West Chester Veterinary Medical Center. The 38-pound dog was described as severely underweight with his ribs, spine and hipbones easily visible, according to authorities. There were multiple puncture wounds to the dog's face, he was bleeding from his nose and all four of his legs were swollen from puncture wounds.

After an examination, doctors concluded the injuries were sustained during a dog fight, authorities said. The dog was treated and taken to the Chester County SPCA where officers named him Radar.

"The Chester County SPCA wants the public to know that dog fighting is on our radar and we are actively seeking information regarding dog fighting in Chester County," said Chester County SPCAspokesman, Rich Britton.

The CCSPCA is searching for the suspect(s) responsible for Radar's abuse.

Here are a couple of signs to look for that may indicate dog fighting:

An inordinate number of pit bulls being kept in one location, especially multiple dogs
who are chained and seem unsocialized; Dogs with scars on their faces, front legs and hind end and thighs.

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