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Doctor Speaks On Curing Auto-Immune Diseases Yourself

By John Ostapkovich

RYE BROOK, N.Y. (CBS) - Millions of Americans know they have auto-immune diseases and there may be many more feeling the effects without the diagnosis.

A New York doctor says there is a way you can fight back, yourself!

Dr. Susan Blum runs the Blum Center for Health in Westchester County but for those who can't go, there's The Immune System Recovery Plan which covers ailments including Crohn's Disease and Lupus.

"There's over 80 auto-immune diseases. It turns out it's the second leading cause of chronic illness in our country, even more than cancer and even more than heart disease, and so anybody with these illnesses, and anybody with any concerns about their immune system can benefit from this book," says Dr. Blum.

Not just by reading it but heeding it, and it includes a big diet change, no more gluten!

Also, an evaluation for other food issues, and armed with a diet plan; she says everybody shows improvement within a month, with more within three months.

These are life-long changes. Dr. Blum says she cured her own auto-immune disease with these techniques, and still follows her plan 80-90 percent.

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