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Doctor Offers Important Back To School Tips

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)-- With summertime sadly winding down and kids heading back to school, doctors say one of the most important things to do is adjust their bedtime routine.

"It's easier to make yourself wake up than it is to make yourself fall asleep, " said Dr. Vaishali Flask, with the Cleveland Clinic Children. "If you're not tired you' re not going to fall asleep. But what I would suggest to parents is to slowly wake them up earlier to move them towards that school wake up time."

And before kids head out the door, be sure they eat breakfast even if it' s something small.

Doctors say a bit of protein, like yogurt, will keep them feeling fuller, longer.

"A lot of kids will get headaches or feel tired mid-morning if they don't have something to eat. We've also found it helps with their concentration if they have something for breakfast in the morning," said Flask.

For lunch, some protein is also recommended, things like turkey or peanut butter, and fruits and vegetables.

"I don' t want the kids drinking any kind of juices or sports drinks or anything that has a lot of sugar in it, so we' re really looking for kids to be drinking milk or water with their lunches," said Flask.

And for snacks: fruits and vegetables are best. Doctors say avoid crackers or pretzels because carbohydrate snacks aren't as filling.

New Vaccine Rules Parents Need To Know Before School Starts

Doctors also say back to school is a good time to make sure your child is fully vaccinated for their age and there are new requirements this year in Pennsylvania, including a requirement that all children have the required vaccines on the first day of school. The 8-month grace period has been done away with.

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