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DNC Officials Announce Opening Of Philadelphia Office Ahead Of Convention

By Rahel Solomon

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --  With the papal visit behind us, Philadelphia officials are now looking forward to the next major event -- the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

The DNC Committee announced the opening of their Philadelphia office Thursday and also had some news for local businesses.

The convention committee estimated the week-long event will put about $350 million into the city's economy.

The Mayor was apparently just as confident making a bold statement that he expects many restaurants to completely sell out.

"There's no question, I would anticipate during that week virtually every, any kind of serious restaurant or other business to pretty much be sold out," said Mayor of Philadelphia Michael Nutter.

About 50,000 people are expected and DNC officials say those big crowds will mean big money for local businesses.

"Where the delegates stay, the restaurants, SEPTA, all of the things that the delegates will spend and do while they're here," said CEO of the 2016 Democratic Convention Rev. Leah D. Daughtry.

The last convention to be held in Philadelphia was the RNC in 2000. The last DNC was 1948.

And while we're still more than eight months away from the 2016 Democratic National Convention, the group said they want to help businesses start getting ready.

"We're going to be launching a series of informational sessions for local businesses so that they can learn how they can be involved and get a piece of the economic pie," said Daughtry.

Thursday's press conference was held at union-employed Minuteman Press on South Broad Street.

Just outside, workers from the carpenters union protested over a labor dispute with the Pennsylvania Convention Center where some DNC events are expected to take place.

"The carpenters as best I can tell will actually be working at the Wells Fargo Center, which is not a venue of dispute and the rest of it will just kind of take its course," said Nutter.

The webinar for business owners will be October 27.

The in-person town hall with the Mayor and the DNC Committee will be November 6.

Full details on the convention can be found at

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