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DNC Booze Exemption Bill Still In Limbo

by Tony Romeo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Less than two weeks before the start of the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, legislation to grant an exemption from Pennsylvania liquor laws for the event remains bottled up in the state legislature. But a non-legislative solution may be in the offing.

A similar exemption was granted in 2000 when Philadelphia hosted the Republican National Convention. In May, a bill passed the Senate allowing businesses hosting DNC events to be eligible for a "National Event Permit" from the Liquor Control Board.

Booze could be served past 2am, and would not have to be purchased at State Stores. But when that bill got to the House, provisions unrelated to the DNC were added, and the bill stalled when it went back to the Senate.

"We're not sure where we are moving forward, but we are continuing to work toward a solution that will accommodate the DNC when they come into town," said Jenn Kocher, the spokeswoman for the Senate majority leader.

Kocher says that solution may not involve passage of the bill in the Senate, but she declined to say what non-legislative options may be under consideration.

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