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Dilworth Park Fountains Turn On For Spring

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- There's a change of scenery at City Hall; Saturday was the first day of the season that the Dilworth Park fountains were turned on.

The Dilworth Park dancing fountains here at City Hall are officially on for the season.

"No more ice rink, but you know, for old folks like me who can't skate we can go 'ooh, ahh.' This, I can jump in and jump out and no broken bones!" said one visitor.

"I think it's awesome, it's like Spring is in full effect!" said another.

Michelle Shannon with the Center City District explains the fountains use recycled water.

"The rainwater is captured on site and it's stored below in a cistern," she said.

Shannon assures that the water is clean. It's treated with chlorine, just like a swimming pool.

"Everything about Dilworth Park is safe, including the water!" She said.

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