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Dick Vermeil Trashes Chris Christie: 'How Dumb Can A Governor Be?'

By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been crushed by Eagles fans throughout the entire week.

On Friday, the beloved ex-Eagles head coach Dick Vermeil, put the stamp on the Christie-bashing envelope.

"How about Governor Christie?" An unprompted Vermeil said to Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show. "I was pissed, I'll tell you that. My wife and I looked at each other. I said, 'How dumb can a governor be?' You gotta realize that this community, New Jersey community, there are a ton of fans. But you know there are other teams around---New York Giants also, Pittsburgh Steelers, all these teams right there."

Listen to Dick Vermeil on the 94WIP Morning Show:



Vermeil, of course, is talking about the episode on Sunday night when Christie was aggressively cheering for Dallas in Cowboys owner Jerry Jones' box.

"And here he is---and I didn't mind him sitting next to the guy [Jerry Jones]," Vermeil continued. "OK, you can tolerate that. But when they start high-fiving when something went bad against the Eagles, that really bothered me. I have a real good friend that knows him [Christie] well. I called him and I talked to him. I said, 'You better give that guy an IQ check.' I thought, politically, it was a stupid thing to do."

Christie defended himself Thursday on the 94WIP Morning Show, saying "I don't care how it played, it's who I am. I'm another fan. I was a Cowboys fan before I was the Governor of New Jersey, and I'll be a Cowboys fan long after I'm the Governor of New Jersey."

Vermeil isn't buying it.

"He can sit there and watch the game and not high-five, not hug the guy next to him," Vermeil said. "I can tolerate that."

"That is the highlight of my week," Cataldi said after the Vermeil interview ended. "Dick Vermeil just trashed Governor Christie. And Christie, just so happens to be my weasel of the week. Is that beautiful? And I didn't even have to ask him, Hollis [Thomas]!"


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