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Dick Morris And Gary R'Nel Talk To Author About Alleged Terror Plot

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dick Morris and Gary R'Nel spoke with author Mordechai Ben Menachem on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about an alleged plot by Hamas to build tunnels into Jewish settlements from which to launch attacks.

Menachem claimed Hamas spent a significant amount of time and logistics on the tunnel plans.

Author Mordechai Ben Menachem

"The tunnels were, first of all, very, very sophisticated and very well designed. This is not something that they just dreamt up on the spur of the moment and figured, 'oh this might be a nice thing to do.' The tunnels were built in pairs. Each pair came out on both sides of each separate settlement, kibbutz, moshava, town, whatever, in order to encircle the settlements. Many of the tunnels also had piers extending underneath the settlements to try to go underneath the kindergartens. These piers were loaded with rather fantastic quantities of explosives," he said.

He stated schools would be the initial targets of terrorist attacks before spreading out into towns.

"What we have been able to discover so far was the plan was to infiltrate fighters through the tunnels, have them hidden during the day and when the kindergartens would be occupied, blow up the kindergarten to start off by blowing up the children and then to enter the various towns and kibbutz and try to slaughter as many people as possible and bring some of them back with them through the tunnels as captives into Gaza," Menachem commented.

Menachem does not believe there will be any clear resolution to Israeli/Palestinian tensions anytime soon.

"There are no easy answers. You cannot trust Hamas. You can never trust Hamas. They made three cease-fire agreements that they signed on and immediately reneged on… A lot of things are being discussed. Some people are talking about a UN force to occupy the place. Some people are talking about asking Abbas to come in and do it, but of course, he was already thrown out once and there's no reason to assume he wouldn't be thrown out again. Some people are even talking about asking the Egyptians to come in but, of course, they would never agree to anything as stupid as that," he said.


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