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Democrats Tight-Lipped About 2016 Convention During Philadelphia Visit

By Cherri Gregg and Noel McLaren

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Former governor Ed Rendell, mayor Michael Nutter, and other city and Democratic Party officials were rolling out the red carpet today and tomorrow for members of the 2016 Democratic National Convention's site selection committee, which is sizing up Philadelphia as a potential location for the 2016 presidential nominating convention.

They visited hotels, ate cheesesteaks and crab fries, and toured Xfinity Live, in South Philadelphia.  On the surface it looked like fun, but the DNC selection committee is all business.

"We are very focused on the financial, logistical, and security issues surrounding any convention," says DNC executive director Amy Dacey.

She says the committee is asking tough questions -- such as, will Philadelphia leaders be able to raise the money necessary to make the convention happen?

"We're working to see what funds would be available and what the host committee could put together and how much it would cost to host an event of this magnitude," Dacey said this afternoon.

Rendell says he confident the committee can raise $80 million.  The DNC has already visited New York, Columbus, Oh.; and Birmingham, Ala.; with Phoenix next on the agenda.

Philadelphia officials also hope to win over the DNC with experience, boasting the fact that the city played a successful host to the Republican National Convention back in 2000.

"We would probably be the betting favorite by not by much," Congressman Bob Brady said.

Mayor Nutter says there's still a lot of work to be done.

"To get this far is significant but we still have a lot more work to do and they have a whole lot more questions and it's our responsibility to answer those questions," he said.

A final decision is expected by the end of the year.

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