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Democrats Push To Overturn FCC Repeal Of Net Neutrality

WASHINGTON D.C (CBS) -- The repeal of net neutrality is in the crosshairs of Senate Democrats, and they say they have enough support to force a vote that would overrule the Republican-led FCC.

The Democrats' effort is led by Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts.

"Congress has the power, through the Congressional Review Act, to overturn the FCC's actions," he said.

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A vote, he says, could come by late spring.

"There will be a political price to pay for those who are on the wrong side of history," he said.

One of the commenters during the Senators' Facebook Live news conference noted "Net Neutrality began in 2015. Was your Internet OK in 2014? Mine was too. Carry on."

That's one argument FCC Chairman Ajit Pai used in support of undoing the Obama-era Open Internet order.

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Pai also said the move will spur investment in faster networks, but Markey contends it favors big cable companies over consumers.

Markey says, younger voters are especially vocal in support of a return to net neutrality.

"Millennials are energized," he said. "They know the loss of net neutrality means the loss of control over the internet, which is oxygen to them."

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